Connected, Sensual, Soul Shine

Shine Beyond Your Body


We’re about wayyyy more than extraordinary abs and bootays.

(although you’ll get those too)

Prisma Avery RISE Barre.jpg

We offer a kick ass workout, which we believe is about so much more than just physical health. Coming to class is a moment for yourself, a moment to “sweat it out”, a moment to prove to yourself that “you can do it,” and a moment to connect with other incredible people along the way.

We believe in the magic of…

Fun, fierce , and transformational sweat sessions! Daily reminder that you are a powerful rockstar goddess- and capable of whatever today throws your way!

Believing you can be BOTH an intelligent, strong, passionate, self respecting woman AND also a booty shakin pole dancing queen (Yes, as humans we are dynamic and multifaceted- like diamonds!)



One inch barre moves (and how freakin’ hard they are!)

Playlists that make you want to shake what your mama gave ya!

Feeling great! (Our classes will leave you nourished, energized, and feeling accomplished & connected to your body in a whole new way!)

 Knowing you are FIRE. (Go on, check yourself out in the mirror. YOU bless everywhere you go with magic.)


Stretching (oh so yummy- and key for keeping your muscles happy and functional)

Laughter and having fun! (engages your abs in a whole new way!- there is no reason to suffer through a stale and boring workout)

Nailing a move (pole, twerk, yoga, or otherwise)!

Supporting each other (Our sisters in the studio community and greater community! Life is hard enough, lets cheer each other on!)

& LOVE (Our Selves. Each Other. As a practice.)


Our classes are chosen to support you in tapping into the full spectrum of strength, sensuality and centeredness.


Move with us.


RISE provides safe and supportive space just for you. Bring your day and expect to feel: safe, supported, and cared for! Focus on yourself, release endorphins, strengthen yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for life. Walk away feeling uplifted, energized and invigorated.

We can’t wait to see you!