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Prisma Avery

Barre / Twerk / Floorplay / Pole

Prisma fell in love with barre seven years ago, and started teaching four years ago at Barre3. She loved how it felt in her body, her heart and her daily life. Prisma first fell in love with the fitness side of barre (the instant physical benefits and all the endorphins) but in reality, what kept her coming back to class was the huge amount of uplifting community, and positive connection that is built in the studio.  Since then, Prisma has taught with Barre3 (In Bellingham, WA & Las Vegas, NV), Da Vinci Bodyboard, & Temple+Tribe. Prisma saw how transformative class, and the community was for her clients and her heart pulled her to open a studio in her hometown, Santa Fe.


Jessica Chavez

Twerk / Floorplay / Pole

Jessica Chavez discovered pole (and all the magic that comes along with it) eight years ago.  She had always loved to dance, and to have fun with her workout- so pole fitness was a no brainer. Jess loves that she can make Pole whatever she wanted to- she could use it as an athletic sport (for cardio, and strength training), as an acrobatic adventure, to be a medium for her creativity, or an authentically safe space to embrace her sexiness and sensuality-or to  embrace all those elements as a way to express style, mood, and the inner feminine. When she is not teaching dance, you can find her creating ceramics, paining pictures or making jewelry up in the mountains. You can find Jess at RISE on Tuesdays for Twerk, or Thursdays for Floorplay. Jess is also available for private classes, and parties.


Amy Jane Banfield


Amy Jane's passion for teaching is rooted in witnessing clients becoming empowered by their bodies while stress and worry melt away. Her classes are uplifting, dynamic, filled with energizingmusic and encouraging you to move, embrace the sweat and connect to yourself. She came to love barre classes when searching for a fun, upbeat modality that was also therapeutic. Attending one class led to another, and another,then to obtaining her barre certification from Rise Barre in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2018. 

After more than a decade as a competitive synchronized swimmer, having completed two marathons, several years teaching yoga and indoor cycling; she found the barre method to be an amazing addition to her teaching and personal fitness rituals. 

When she is not teaching or taking a call, you can find Amy Jane enjoying the great outdoors (hiking and walking are a few of her favorite things), exploring the Farmers' Market, drinking tea, art journaling, spending time with those who uplift her, reading at a local coffee shop or just out and about exploring Santa Fe, always with a smile on her face.

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Emily Robbins


Emily has embraced the yoga practice as a journey of self-discovery and healing. She enjoys all the benefits of yoga and loves to see people leave class relaxed and at ease. Outside the studio she's usually seeking sunshine and fun with her mini, Ava, and their Jack-Russell terrier, Wah!


Chaine Pena


Chaine (like all of our other instructors) is an absolute goddess and we are so excited to have her in the studio! When she is not teaching yoga, or taking class, she is making specialty fresh baked goods and drinks. Come find Chaine for Yin and get ready to melt….or come try her artisan yummies and get ready to become obsessed.