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Community Medicine


Breathwork is a powerful tool for healing the body, energetic field, and mind. It's a simple, deep practice that includes expansive meditation and sometimes astral travel, but also facilitates extraordinary relaxation of the physical body, allowing stuck energy and emotions to be released. It's a detox system for all of the layers of being human, and a deeply needed practice in our world at this time.

In this practice, you will learn the transmutation of energy or emotion that feels dense, hard, or heavy, into neutral energy which can be used to heal, grow, and create powerful experiences.

While breathwork, and the Alchemy workshop, are gentle -- they can move what has been stuck or stagnant for weeks, months, even years. Many people remark that it's the most powerful tool they've ever utilized, even having years of exploration under their belts. It is not what you've done in yoga class. And it's not holotropic or other mainstream types. It specifically targets what is held in the sacral and heart areas, while also addressing the whole field of a person.

In short, if you've been feeling anxiety, depression, fear about the future, resentment, or anything that is pulling you away from peace: this is for you. If you've been creatively blocked, or looking to create more connection in your relationships: this is for you. This practice has also been known to create the space for all forms of abundance to arrive!

Curious? Come.

This workshop is $35 and includes light movement, grounding exercises, full practice.

Bring: water, eye mask, yoga mat, any crystals you want, a blanket to cover you if you like, pen + paper.

Come as you are, leave feeling deep peace and wonder at the world.  

Earlier Event: November 18
Later Event: November 22
YOGA + Session Two