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Class Schedule


M: 8:45 am Barre, 5:30pm Barre Express, 6:30pm Flex Yoga, 7:30 Intro to Pole (Starting 4/29)

T: 8:45 am Barre, 5:30pm Barre Express , 6:30 pm Pole 1

W: 5:30 pm Barre Express, 6:30pm Flex Yoga, 7:30 Intro to Pole (Starting 4/29)

Th: 8:45 am Barre, 5:30 pm Barre Express, 6:30pm Pole 1, 7:30 Floorplay

F: 8:45 am Barre

Sat: 8:45am Barre, 10am Barre, 4:00pm Pole 1, 5:00 pm Intro to Pole;

Sat starting 4/27: 8:45am Barre, 10am Barre, 4pm Intro to Pole, 5PM Pole-ography, 6PM Pole 1

Sun: 8:45am Barre, 10am Barre, 12PM Barre Express

Sun starting 4/28: 8:45am Barre, 10am Barre, 4PM Poleograph

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 Class is held in our bright and welcoming studio, featuring:

Purified Water

Air Conditioning/Heating

Private & Street Parking


Storage for your belongings during class


501 Franklin Avenue, Unit 3, Santa Fe, NM


General Classes (Barre, Yoga, Intro to Pole):

Intro Week: Unlimited Classes for $30

Drop in: $15

5 class: $70

10 class: $130

Recurring Monthly Membership: $110

Monthly Membership: $115

One-On-One Private Sessions: $75

Specialty Classes (Pole Level 1+):

Intro Week: Unlimited Classes for $30

Drop in: $22 ($6 with the Unlimited General Membership)

5 class: $95

10 class: $180

Monthly Membership (General+All Pole Levels): $170

One-On-One Private Sessions: $75

For more information on private group sessions please email




Barre: Class is an hour dedicated to YOU, finding your own edge (mentally and physically) and celebrating success! Essentially that means energizing music, fierce challenging small movements, strength training, and exhilarating low-impact cardio- Everything your body needs for a transformative head-to-toe kick booty workout (and everything you could want for a mental pick me up)! Class is an individualized, uplifting, and powerful experience that will leave ya walking out ready to take on whatever life throws your way!

Barre Express: This barre class has all the magic and effectiveness of a regular barre class, just bottled up into 45 minutes. Get ready for low impact heart-rate bumping cardio, focused small movements (from bottom to top), deep core magic, and a lot of fun!

Intro to Pole: Never touched a pole before? This basic class is the perfect introduction for learning the fundamentals, building confidence and having fun! In this class you will learn pole slides, pole grips, as well as getting comfortable with holding the pole and weight shifting. Each move will be broken down and taken at your pace so you can feel confident and safe.  Additionally, a basic breakdown of floor work moves will be incorporated into class to take your skills to a whole other level!

Pole Level 1: Have you given pole a spin before? Then all you need is a positive attitude, a desire for a good time and you’re ready to start pole level one. In this class you will warm up and prep your muscles with fun and sexy floor moves. Pole moves will introduce students to beginning spins, transitions, grips and proper muscle engagement. 

Twerk: Get ready to shake what your mamma gave you. This party will have you smiling and laughing the whole time. Calling all booties to get up in the air.  Class will be booty popping, booty bouncing in ways you never thought possible. This fast pace cardio workout will have you learning twerk techniques standing, on your knees, and on the floor. You will leave ready and equipped for dropping it low on dance floor at the clubs or wherever cause let's face it who doesn't like to shake their booty.

Floorplay:  Get ready for sexy floor work. In this class, you will be moving slowly, and sensually. This class is yummy, empowering, and all about embracing your feminine-whatever that means for you. This class will break down each position, show you how to flow the moves together, and take your floor work skills to the next level.

Flex Yoga: This yummy slow-paced yoga practice is the perfect balance for active workouts (yes-skiiers, barre-ers, weightlifters, walkers-we are talking to you) and our chaotic daily lives. This hour long class is composed of revitalizing postures which target deep tissues and calm your nervous system, leaving your body (and mind) refreshed and relaxed. Give yourself some love while increasing flexibility, improving mobility, and melting your stress away.


One of the foundations of RISE is our belief that no one should be held back from working out (and from getting all the transformative and empowering  mindbody benefits) because of cost. We are currently looking for front desk ambassadors to serve as our welcome committee in exchange for free membership. For more information, please email


We can’t wait to see you!